The Mob Against Julian Assange

It seems when it’s about Julian Assange no evidence is required to find him guilty of rape or other sexual offences, and no evidence of any lawbreaking whatsoever to hold him in jail before trying to extradite him on trumped-up spying charges. All that’s needed is a mob led by the intellectual classes armed with the conventional wisdom, backed by a corrupt judiciary.

Assange has now been refused bail, extending his years-long imprisonment without trial, humiliation and ill-treatment for further months, or if he is extradited, for life.. I’m just going to briefly enter the evidence-free zone inhabited by the two refusing judges, Judge Vanessa Baraitser, backed by her aristocratic boss Lady Emma Arbuthnot. Intuitively, what I see there are two crypto-dominatrix haters of men.

Baraitser and Arbuthnot are abusers, female Harvey Weinsteins – but worse, because Assange’s life is under threat and the threat of state violence against whistleblowers and honest journalists has been politely articulated in courtrooms, gentlemen’s clubs and by scurrilous Suzanne Moore and similar Guardian columnists.
Lady Arbuthnot remains carefully in the background because of her clearly proven political and financial interest in the case, with Baraitser as her front-dame. Both are willing helpers in the new sunshine fascist state in Britain.

These women and this whole case against Julian Assange are examples of how – like antisemitism – feminism, me-too and the oppression of women have been weaponized in the interests of white supremacism. Assange exposed the murder by the rulers of the civilized world on a massive scale of dark-skinned people whose lives don’t count. He blew their cover. That is unacceptable. He has to be taken out and Wikileaks has to be destroyed. In the 14 years of its existence nothing that Wikleaks has published has been shown to be untrue. And that’s the problem. That’s the reason Assange has to be held in jail and later if possible sent to be kept in solitary confinement along with the mostly black political prisoners in the US; or more conveniently, killed by virus.

The truth has to be discredited, suppressed.and above all kept from the riff-raff, ie the public. Assange himself has to be silenced because he knows far too much and he’s not known for keeping his mouth shut.

He’s hated by the western liberal media because he blew their gaff too. He did the job they have consistently failed to do, and simultaneously exposed their complicity in western crimes by their silence or by their active participation.

As for the kind of feminism in western countries that’s been used as an alibi to attack Julian Assange, it frequently has little to do with feminism and doesn’t give a monkey’s about women. Just as an example, many women (and black people) wanted Hillary Clinton to be president of the US. If anyone happened to be looking for a misogynist it would be extremely hard to find a more misogynist person than Ms.Clinton, or a more racist candidate. She has supported every war against poor countries in the interests of the western and international ruling classes. The victims of her “lovely” wars have been children, women and men whose skin just coincidentally was darker than Ms. Hillary Clinton’s. This female psychopathic war-lover doesn’t give a shite about women, children or racial opression. Not only is she part of the problem, along with others she is the problem. She embodies white supremacism.

Not to be forgotten in all this is the role of some middle and upper class women in a country like the UK, not proportionally represented in corporations it’s true, but who are as much indoctrinated, reactionary, patriotic, militaristic, jingoistic, white supremacist as their men; who are prepared to indoctrinate their children into believing in an absurd abstract concept – England, some affected scept’rd isle – a sleight of hand, a fantasy that only exists in historical novels, 16th century plays and school history books – far from the murderous, warmongering daily racist reality exposed by Julian Assange.